Monday, October 16, 2017

wall hanging progress

Just a quick post.   I finished my corn project.  Probably the quickest project I have done in a long while.   So much fun doing it with a friend which kept us going to finish it so we can use it this year 

now off to long arm quilt for awhile.   quilt group meeting tonight  great group for visiting, learning and working on projects.  It is a small group, but no rules just fun.  tonight is all about binding and learning about the Go cutting machine.

Happy Quilting
Sharon J

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Getting back into sewing


Well I am getting back into sewing had a couple of family medical things in Aug and Sept so didn't do much sewing or quilting.   Loaded a quilt on the long arm today  so will be starting to custom quilt it Monday. 
At one of my quilting groups, last week  at our show and tell someone brought a cute, cute fall wall hanging.  I just had to make it so found the magazine  which was Quilting Quickly. This Weds.  a friend and I were free so we got together and cut out all the pieces  sharing fall/Halloween scraps and pieces and sewed few pieces to see how it was going to look.  Then I needed to leave for a car appointment.  I went to another quilting guild sew day today and I finished the top for this project.
here is a picture.  It will have prairie point on the edge when quilted.

about week and half ago and fellow quilter needed to move into assisted living and her family called  a friend to come and get her stash and requested we use it to make charity quilts .  My Friend  brought it all and I mean all  a car load full to my house  at least 20 bags full.   A Few of us have started going thru it and deciding what could be use for what.  Will make kids quilts, pillowcases, prayer shawl bags, school kit bags  and other things.  I found 4 jack-o-lantern blocks in one of the bags.  I decided needed to make this into a wall hanging. So I found a piece of black in my stash for the background and appliqued the faces onto it and quilted it and finished it.  Didn't know what to do with it and granddaughter saw it and asked if she could hang it in her office ( she works in a service oriented office) she said this would help cheer people up when visiting the office.  I hope it does.  I plan on making her more seasonal/holiday wall hanging to replace this one.

While my husband was recovering from hip replacement surgery in Sept. I did some mindless sewing when I got a chance  I had a container full of larger scraps so I started making these crazy paper pieced blocks( paper piecing is my favorite).  I have 28 blocks done now and the container still has pieces in it but not nearly as many.  I have enough to make 1 kids quilt and start another one.  this is my evening time sewing while watching TV.   Hope over the weekend to make more and maybe empty this container only to fill it up again... 

well I need to go off to bed  with early morning appointment tomorrow and then watch Great Grandson in the afternoon I better rest up. 
I will be back when I have something else to report in the mean time 

Happy Quilting,
Sharon J

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

getting some sewing done

well I finally got the quilt in the longarm done and binding done as of last night.   I have also been making some rows for the row by row experience.   I have 4 rows done  one of them I didn't applique the hot air balloons on until I decide which direction I want this row to go.   I hope to get 4 more rows done and find a shop to turn it in at... so much fun..

I also got a baby quilt to the flimsy stage  now to get it quilted  so that I can go see my great niece  she was born in May.  Took me awhile to decide on a pattern to use 2 charm packs that I had .  The pattern is a MSQC pattern  I use all of the 2 packs with except of using the very light ones that would not contract with the white...   I has a multi print border  just looks light pink in the picture it has all the colors in it..

Off to sew with friends today at my house  it is 3rd Weds...   not sure what I am going to work on   maybe get the border on my big quilt that is on the design wall...  Needs a yellow inner border sewn on   then the pieced border which I already have done waiting to be sewn on.

Happy quilting,
Sharon J

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

row by row project

I have been working on the 2017 row by row project.  I have one row from Wooden Spool in Effingham Il  done except for sewing the balloons on  will decide later if doing vertical or horizontal.
then paper pieced the background for the row from Main Street Quilt co in Shelbyville, Il   need to applique the car and road lines.    Need to get some more this next week.   would like to get at least 8 to make the quilt and hopefully turn it in for a prize again this year..  

last Weds  few friends and I went on our own shop hop  this is where I got these 2 rows.  also went to 2 other shops that were new to us  and they were great.  It was a great day of shopping and friendship.

Now need to work on a baby quilt  for great niece  got blocks made now to do sashing and borders.
I will work on it in between doing things with grandsons  they are here this week for vacation. They were gone with Papa this afternoon so that is how I got some sewing done..  I think tomorrow is boating and tubing for couple of hours so will see if I get any sewing done.

keep on sewing  too hot to be outside.

Sharon J

Saturday, May 20, 2017

an update finally

well haven't posted in awhile. been a very busy couple of months.   I went on a quilting cruise April 1-8 to the Caribbean. It was great had great teachers Carol Doak her last cruise, Danella Stout, and Debby Maddy.  Project were great  will post pictures when get them finished.  I am truly working on them   My friend and I made a challenge to each other to get them finish by end of Aug.  

Then four of us went to Paducah quilt show  for the week. had a great time.  new ideas and patterns and of course some fabric but not too much..   Watched a demo from George Sicilano piecing his micro mini quilts so amazing..  I have one to do  maybe next years list too many on the list for this year.

I have been quilting customer quilts this  month.  Tying to catch up from being gone.

My quilting group is doing a UFO challenge this year we each put 12 UFOs on a list  and my grandon is picking a number each month for us to work on.  Well he picked a good one for most of us this year especially for me  since last couple of month I haven't been able to work on them.   Our number this month is 8 and mine is done...   I started it from 2 mini charm packs and some background made the blocks and then set it aside.  so now I have put blocks together and put border on it which was from a friend that I quilt for  she brought me her left over fabric from a Xmas quilt  and guess what is was from the same line of fabric from the charms  perfect and enough from another piece for a pieced back   and I even quilted it yesterday after dinner and brought back to front for the binding ...
 here is a picture.  

now I am off to quilt a row from 2016 row by row that I made into a wall hanging   going to stitch the ditch on sewing machine and invisible thread...    

happy stitching 
Sharon J

Sunday, February 26, 2017

last week of Feb progress report

I got 2 customer quilts done this week ready for delivery and another one ready for the quilt machine this one I made the top out of a son's shirts.

I also got the outside border on my applique basket quilt  so it is ready to be quilted would love to get it sneaked into the machine so I can enter it in the Neoga Quilt show in June.

Today  I have been getting hand outs ready for the two classes I have  in March and April.  I have been trying to contact guilds within driving distance to present lectures and classes.  I have gotten 2 requests so far so it is paying off send info out.  this is getting exciting  if you belong to a guild or know of one please let me know their contact info so I can send them information and hopefully come visit.       

Well off to see what I should do next   might work on my Quilter's Garden  I have cut out another block  or could put another quilt in the machine ready to quilt.  let you know what I get done. 

happy sewing 
Sharon J

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quilter's Garden

Happy Valentines Day. We did ours a day early with Mom J , daughter, granddaughter, and great grandson. thanks to nice weather we grilled chicken on the grill tasted so good. so fun celebrating the first of everything with Griffyn

I checked my BOM of Edyta Sitar's  quilter's garden project on Sunday and found that I had one of the two blocks for Jan done and other one cut out and partially sewn.  So I finished it   now need to work on Feb blocks.

Ready to put another customer quilt in the long arm today.  So glad to be back in the sewing room

enjoy your day and happy sewing
Sharon J

Friday, February 10, 2017

new year quilting finally

I have finally gotten to sew in the new year. January was almost a no sew month due to a family emergency. I was gone for 3 1/2 weeks of January. So when I got back home I had to take care of the house and laundry so I did a little sewing on my Vintage Farm Girl blocks and started a customer quilt in the long arm.  Then last weekend went back to my daughter's to watch the grandsons so that she could go to a stitcher's retreat that had be planned for months and Dad could work.  Really enjoyed the weekend with the boys.    On Sat morning was a retreat morning for us too.  Dylan who is 14  did videos and Brandon who is 8 played with play-mobile people and watch video of them and I started a lap quilt.    I got the blocks ready to sew.  Had a great morning  here are pictures of my end of the table for cutting and organizing my blocks and second picture is my temporary ironing station. Sewing machine was in the basement so went down there to sew first step of blocks.

This week I got the quilt done in the long arm   and finished Jan, Feb, and Mar  farm girl blocks. I am doing these with the Olney Quilt guild as a monthly project  so I am ahead of schedule which is unusual for me.    I am doing the 6 inch size  a lot of the group are doing the 12 inch size.  they are so fun.

Now I need to work on my Quilter's Garden by Edyta Sitar  a small group of us from my sew group are doing this as a BOM.  started this in Jan  not sure I got both of my blocks done at retreat in Jan before left town.  

Happy sewing.
Sharon J