Tuesday, February 10, 2015

update on 2015 goals

here is an update on my 2015 goals will try to post every week what I am getting accomplished. this will keep me on track hopefully.

Here is my list of projects for 20151
1.  double wedding ring quilt     ( most of blocks are made)
2. garden party quilt-embroidery  ( do the last 3 blocks)
3. hand applique basket quilt (2 blocks left to make)   working on block 8 of 9  about 7 pieces sewn 
4. DQG presidents quilt  ( put blocks together and finish)
5. opposite attract ( Put together and quilt)   top is done ready for quilting
6. serendipity quilt    ( put together and finish)  blocks are done
7. pizza box from Quilts etc. exchange  ( put blocks together and finish)
8. bible stories BOM    ( put together and finish)
9. purple fan quilt  ( quilt)
10. tulip wall hanging   (quilt)
11. back to nature BOM  (finish blocks and put together)
12. evening star quilt   (quilt)
13. machine applique table runner          Done  1/4 15

new projects for the year:
1. purple table runner for daughter            DONE  and delivered
2.  quilt for nephew Logan
3. baby quilt for new great niece #1
4. baby quilt for new great niece #2
5. grandpa's buzz saw quilt  for husband
6. kick the can quilt for daughter
7. bagello quilt for a class 

Monday progress report

Well Sunday I finished the quilt in the machine and put binding on it so ready to go out the door customer will sew binding done.  Sunday night  I got all the units done for my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt Grand Illusions now I am ready to put the blocks together into a quilt.   I also got 2 blocks of my pineapple crazy quilt which is a Bonnie Hunter pattern  done.  This uses very small scraps  about an inch in width   great place to use the triangles what are from other projects.   Made these while watching the Grammy's.  
Monday  I cleaned up my sewing room and cut some more flannel squares for rag quilts. Started looking at the next customer quilt to see what to quilt on it   Found couple of stencils of snowflakes that will work since this is a Christmas quilt.  Need to make the back and load it into the machine that will be Tuesday's   job.
happy sewing

Friday, February 6, 2015

progress report

Here is a progress report of last couple of days.  I have been quilting on a customer's cross stitch quilt creating a design to fit the blocks due to the blue dots that are usually on the blocks are not there.  I have most of it done just need to go back over each block and put few more curly cues in each block.

Our sewing group is making rag quilts to donate to the police department, so enlisted my Mother-in-Law to help us and this is getting her back into sewing.  We are cutting the blocks and batting she is sewing the blocks together then we are sewing blocks together into quilts and then she is doing the cutting of the edges.  We have 3 ready to snip this week.

I have been working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt  Grand Illusions,  I have gotten part of clue 3 and  clue 4 to finish.   Here is pictures of part of clue 4  the green/neutral/black pieces and clue 5.   Hope in another week I can have all the blocks made and ready to put it together.