Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sewing room closet

Well my DH  took out my old shelves in my sewing closet where I keep my fabrictwo weeks ago  and when SIL arrived on the weekend they replaced them with new shelving system.  I had 3 shelves  2 foot apart and 20 inches deep before. Just wasn't working and fabric too heavy and pulled shelf out of the wall. I forgot to take a before picture but it wasn't pretty. It is a walk in closet but you couldn't walk in it..  Well I am in the process of putting all the fabric back into the closet all this last week off and on...   I am refolding all the fabric around a 6 x 12 inch ruler. so folding it in half again from how it comes on the bolt. Sorting out fabric I don't want and will let quilting buddies take what they can use and donate the rest.  Putting it back in color groups.   Will take a picture when I am done to show you. Will want to just look at it and not mess it up... Boy I sure don't need to buy any fabic.
Lots of kits to make also put them into a tote so they are together and making a list of kits, UFO's and quilts to quilt.

I also finished a couple of small projects.  One is a new purse called flip flop bag.  I really like it and its done in dark green fabric with leaf print on it. It is another over the shoulder purse. I really like them so I can have hands free and they don't come off my shoulder..  I put an extra pocket on the inside  it only called for one divided pocket so there is one on each side of the inside of purse. going to add decorative buttons to the bottom of the flap on outside. Then will be ready for my trip next week.

We were invited to an surprise birthday party this last Saturday night, so I decided I need to make her a small gift mid-morning..   I decided to make her a tea cup mug rug.  So off to sew.  Well I got it done in couple of hours  These are so easy, fun and quick to make.  I have taught a class on making this one at a LQS couple weeks ago.
here is her mug rug.

 well I need to get back to quilting the quilt that is in the machine so bye for now.
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

applique block for class

I have finished an applique block for a machine applique class I am teaching at our Decatur Quilt Fest/show.  I will be teaching the block below on Friday March 22  from 10-4 at the Decatur Civic Center. You can sign up for the class on our guild website. www.decaturquiltguild.com
The block is from a applique quilt Sweet Sixteen designed by Edyta Sitar. She puts together beautiful kits.  the pieces are fused down and sewn with invisible thread doing a small zigzag stitch.
come join me for a fun day and have a beautiful block done at end of day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Wednsday I  got out my embroidery quilt project and made four blocks and trimmed up many to correct size and sewed a few framing borders on some.   This may get done yet.    Also did some cleaning in my sewing room on the back side of quilt machine.   Took out all the VCR tapes of sewing programs  I filled a paper box that reams of paper come in to go out somewhere…  cleaned out 2 project boxes that had started projects in them that I no longer am going to do. Put fabric back in stash and parts into scrap bins….    So have 2 empty project boxes…    found a bag of quilt blocks that someone gave me long time ago so took them downstairs some sew day maybe we can arrange them into a quilt to donate somewhere…   sorted out a box of pieces of fabric  put fat quarter size pieces with other fat quarters and larger pieces in stash, smaller pieces in scrap bins…    felt good to get that far..   more to do.   Then can start on the front of the machine  and move some to the back…
I finished quilting and binding a quilt for our bed. It was a UFO from a class several years ago when Pat Speth was in Decatur for a class.   Here is a picture

Yesterday was 1st Monday of the month, so it was sew day in Charleston. I worked on another Pat Speth quilt called Woodlawn Clover. I got 6 blocks done and more parts to blocks.  We had Can Can soup for lunch it  was great.  You start with broth and add cans of soup whatever anyone brought.  Then couple of us brought dessert..  Good sewing and visiting.

I also decided on the fabric for my Summer Salsa quilt. It will be a winter salsa quilt since I am going to use snowmen fabric.  The rule for me was that it had to come from my stash the problem was that fabric needed 4 yards of one fabric and 3 yards of another. I didn't have that much of many fabrics.
here is picture of the fabric I am going to use.
Well I am off to quilt on a quilt in the machine this morning.
Happy quilting