Wednesday, February 10, 2016

snowy week progress report

 well since it snowed on Monday most of the day  I got some sewing done  but best of all I got the upstairs Christmas tree down and boxed up and Sun-room put back together.  this is the longest a tree as been up in my house, the downstairs tree is still up  hope to get it down and everything put back in storage be end of weekend.   Too many other things going on to worry about the trees until now.

well the pineapple block I posted about few days ago is not a hot pad.  totally done  Love it  found out that it is a block from Edyta Sitar's  pattern Hawaiian Delight   Thanks Kathy for the block.

I have another customer quilt done and another one in the machine for today work on.  
Yesterday  afternoon  Hubby was taking a much needed nap  so wasn't in mood to start quilting so I cleaned up some strips  and had some 10" squares of fabric and batting ready for quilt as you go blocks  so I sat down and worked on them  I got 18 blocks done    but the strip bin doesn't look I used any.   I just fluffed it up...     here is a picture of the bin and some of the blocks.    these are great charity blocks. I put sashing between them on front and back  all my machine.  

then last evening  I made all the pieces that are for my applique quilt   and then I worked on it for about an hour while watching TV.   I am determined to get this block done this month   It is the UFO number for this month.  
until next time
Happy quilting
Sharon J

Sunday, February 7, 2016

new year update

Well I haven't  posted for awhile.  busy with holidays and then hubby had hip replacement  and taking care of sister-in-law    I have been quilting some customer quilts in-between.   A group of us are doing a UFO Challenge.  We each listed 12 items  on for each month to work on.   I am drawing a number each month for the one we are to work on and get as far as we can that month hopefully done.
Here is my list:

1. Double wedding ring
2. Hand appl basket quilt
3. Garden party embroidery quilt
4. Edyta sitar tree of life quilt
5. Purple fan quilt
6. 2015 B.H. mystery
7. Swiss mountain morning B.H. quilt
8. DQG presidents quilt
9. Woodlawn clover quilt (Pat Speth)
10    buck stops here   ( a paper piecing deer Cynthia England’s way)
11.   Royal Cross
12.   B. H.  Scrappy Irish Chain  

Jan. number was 4.    I got the applique fused on to the borders  but not sewn yet.
                             I also got number 11 to the top stage.   just didn't put box back away when listed it
                             needed to blocks together and put border on it  so it is ready to quilt.

Feb number is 2.    I haven't worked on this one yet  need to get it done only one block left to hand applique and the put it together...

this morning I woke up early  so went to the sewing room and straightened up my cutting table . I found this block that a friend had given me to finish.   so instead of just moving it to another pile I sat down and finished it. I think it will be a hot pad  so it can be done....  thanks Kathy I love it.

well back to customer quilt in the machine.
later Sharon J