Monday, July 27, 2015

shop hop

on Thursday 4 of us started out on a shop hop  collecting row by row experience patterns/kits.  Then we got to Missouri and found out they were doing a shop hop along US 36 so we added those shops to our agenda.  We went across the state in 2 days     spent the night in Cameron MO  and went to Missour Star Quilt Co   Friday afternoon  amazing place.   We had a wonderful time. We plan to do this again next year..

baby quilts

now I can post pictures of the baby quilts I have made.  In June on got a great nephew and a great niece  9 days apart.  my 2 nieces that are sisters had these babies.  will be so nice for them to grow up together and they live close together.  I went to see them yesterday for the first time.   It was hard to wait but wanted to give the families time to settle in with a new baby.    We had a great day yesterday snuggling both of them   Here is a picture of them on their quilts.  Hope to see them again soon.

Monday, July 20, 2015


I hosted a retreat at my house this past weekend.  Had a great group of ladies attend.  they got a lot done.   I do the cooking and cleaning up  they just sew.   I am here to help them if they needed/wanted it.   Helped 2 ladies start a pineapple quilt from a panel  they bought the kits at LQS .   three of them brought featherweight machines to use.  makes me want to get mine out and sew on it....   maybe I will soon.      here is a picture of the lunch I made on Saturday  so fun to use different dishes  and fix pretty meals.  contact me to schedule your retreat and get a lot of sewing done.  

row by row experience

I have been working on the row by row experience  this is fun.  I have put together 8 rows  from 8 shops   now to get it quilted  hopefully today and tomorrow  so that I can get it to a shop that hasn't had a winner yet....   have acquired several kits for these  which I am going to make into wall hangings.  here is a picture of it unquilted.