Tuesday, December 27, 2016

more sewing

well I continued sewing yesterday,  I finished up the clues for Bonnie Hunter's mystery  we are up to 5 clues  waiting for Friday's clue.    then I decided to cut the first two blocks of Edyta Sitar's  new book which is written like a Block of the Month 4 of us are going to do it together this next year.   Wow   lots of small pieces..   I have first 2 done and in baggies ready for the retreat this coming weekend.  Our small quilting group, has been going on a retreat starting on New Year's Day this will be our 3rd year.   first 2 were in Paducah Ky at the Quilt in a Day retreat center this year we are going to Springfield, Ill  Closer to home and they feed us instead of us taking meals..  So looking forward to getting a lot of sewing done and lots of friendship.  
Today I decided to put applique blocks into a quilt top. this project has been a long time UFO  i wanted to learn needle turn applique and these were 9 large blocks and not many small pieces.  I learned I didn't really care for needle turn applique but persevered to finish it.  It is ready for the outer border but I need to find the right shade of dark red so it will need to wait until I find it.   
Here is a picture of it without the last border.

happy sewing,
sharon J

Saturday, December 24, 2016

More Christmas Eve sewing

 well I kept on sewing this evening, so i got the Swiss Mountain Morning quilt top done.  It is ready to find a back and quilt it..     It is a little late this year for Christmas but it will be ready for next year.

Happy sewing
Sharon J

Christmas eve day sewing

I have been sewing today,  nice and quiet at our house.   I finished my Bonnie Hunter 2 mystery quilt.
top.    It is ready for the long arm machine not sure when that will happen.

then I started to put border on another quilt   Bonnie Hunter's  Swiss Mountain Morning  from a class several years ago.   I was just going to put a plain border on it and be done.  

then I found all of these pieces that are for the pieced boarder   had enough minus 2   so I made 2 more and am going to put them on the quilt.  I just had to trim them down.  now to decide on the small border   Can't decide what color to do   white, red or green?   what do you think?  

I also made my UFO challenge list for 2017   my small sewing group is doing this to help each other get some UFOs done. I also put on the list  3 new projects I want to make this year and 2 BOM projects that I am doing...

well back to working on this border,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

happy sewing,
Sharon J

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Xmas sewing

had two of the same pictures  first time  so corrected it and now have both groups of pillowcases
sorry about that..  first pic is my kids and grand kids pillowcases and second pic is nieces and nephews

well Xmas is around the corner for my family.  nest weekend  we do ours early so everyone can be in the own home for Christmas eve and day.    the kids have declared a tradition  that I must make them pillowcases with their names on them every year.  So I have just finished getting the names on all of them...  Now to get them wrapped.     Did some other sewing  but didn't take a picture so as I pull them our of the gift box I will take pictures and post them hopefully tomorrow.   Here are the pictures of the pillowcases.   

Happy sewing
Sharon J