Monday, May 14, 2018

cleaning and cutting up scraps

Well this last week in between other projects I have been cleaning up sewing room and cutting up scraps and small pieces of fabric. I have cut 2 1/2 inch strips to go into jelly roll quilts( yes making my own)  and then smaller strips into container for strip piecing blocks.   Both of these projects will be donated to our local Dove to give kids and Moms a hug.  These are so much fun to make and know they will bring a little joy to someone that needs it. here are pictures of a few of the  blocks I have made and container of strips ready to make quilts.  Made 65 of the string blocks  and have enough strips to make at least 3 quilts.

Also my local guild is making surgical caps for kid for our local hospital  I didn't get to go to sew day this last Saturday to help make them but they made 41 caps  I have made 3 so far and have 7 more cut out to make  here is what they look like

I finished a baby quilt for new great nephew coming in June  now to quilt it. I selected the back so now to get it in the machine and quilt it.  will show picture after it has been gifted. also finished a top that I took in a class at Paducah this year called combo weave  so fun and easy  have its back selected ( all of the fabric for this quilt has come out of my stash feels so good)  picture to follow when quilted.
So took about 10 1/2 yards out of my stash this last week for these project and not sure how much of small pieces were cut up for strings and jelly roll projects.   Hope I can get some friends to help put these blocks and strips into quilts...
Well off to eye doctor today and shopping with MIL.  Hope to work a little more this evening.

Happy Quilting,
Sharon J

Monday, April 30, 2018

weekend quilting

I had a great time in Paducah Ky at the AQS show this month, took tow classes.they were great. I will post pictures when I get some more done on them.
I have quilting 2 quilts for customer this last week couple more to get done for graduation gifts for customers.   I will be  at it tomorrow.
Did errands this morning mostly for prep for mother-in-laws  90th birthday party on Saturday. I worked on one of the classes I took at Paducah called combo weave  great scrap quilt.   Then this evening while watching the voice I did some string piecing  I got 20 blocks done.   When have enough blocks will put them together for a kids donation quilt. 
I am done for tonight  so off to read for a little while before bed.

Happy quilting
Sharon J

Monday, March 12, 2018

weekend sewing

I have been cleaning up my sewing room  unloading my desk next to sewing machine it had gotten stacked really high...  and also cleaned out 3 drawers of a rolling cabinet.   Found the 2 things that I have been looking for and had given up on finding soon.  One was a pack of newsprint paper I had ordered from amazon for paper piecing at xmas time  to finish an order for free shipping  and a kit I bought last year at Paducah quilt show (small wall hanging) that I wanted to get done before this year's show.  I found them both in the rolling cabinet.  Put kits and projects all in one drawer, scraps in another drawer and misc in the bottom one.  This cabinet sits close to my sewing machine with ironing board on top of it so I can pull it close to machine when sewing.  This works great for small projects. 
I have been doing scrap sewing in the evenings this weekend. I used up a small brown shopping bag full yeah bag is empty, now to work on the drawer I just discovered.  Here is what I made over the weekend while watching TV in evening.
Also in the one of the drawers I found this project that I took a class in Paducah many years ago, the year that Paducah flooded and they had to move the show to any available building in town and churches offered up there classrooms for classes.  one block was done but not quilted and other one was not started so I finished both of them and now they are hot pads. 

On one of my quilting yahoo groups they had been talking about these button hooks so Friday a friend and I went looking for them  we found them in 2 Dollar General stores out of 5 stores. One manager told us to check back in day or two  they had a truck unloading so she went back on Sat and they had them. they are really cute for our sewing rooms. She is reclaiming a room that used to be hers into her sewing room  so will be great decorations.  I asked friend to look for them and she found them in store near her and daughter was out shopping Sat. and found 3  so I think we have plenty  great Xmas gifts for guilt groups.
Now I need to go looking for a piece of fall fabric in my fabric closet but tote that has that fabric in underneath other stuff  so I guess I will see what is all piled in that corner of closet.  Making 4 season pillows for our local guilt guild's show in June  I have winter done  need to get others done using my embroidery machine. They will be part of our raffle prizes.

Well back to quilting a bargello quilt in the quilt machine  purples and using gold thread looking good.

Happy stitiching
Sharon J

Thursday, March 8, 2018

sew day

We had a great sew day yesterday.  We had a new person join us  looking forward to having her come often. Everyone was working on different projects and great food for lunch everyone brings something to share always plenty to eat. 
I finished a quilt as you go quilt yesterday  only needs the binding sewn down and a friend does this for us  keeps her busy.  didn't take a picture of it  used lots of strings.   Then sewed bind down on machine of another quilt bringing the back to the front and sewing it down.  Both of these will go to Dove to make someone feel loved.   Then I made back and quilted a table runner and put binding on  then sat last night and sewn binding down.   Our sew group received many bags of fabric from a quilter that was going into nursing home at beginning of the year so we are trying to make things to donate from it.  I found this table runner made but not quilted so I finished it.  Here is a picture of it.

Others worked on sewing down binding, quilting 60 degree table runner, piecing kids quilt, etc.  great day visiting and sewing.   We sew most 1st and 3rd Weds at my house. 

I finished up a breast cancer ribbon wall hanging to donate to a benefit for a friend just need to put a hanging sleeve on it last weekend.   I also got all the clues for Bonnie Hunter"s mystery quilt done up to starting to make the blocks so excited to see how the blocks go together...  will be working on them in between other projects and quilting.   
well better close for now and go load a quilt in the machine  and start quilting..

Happy Stitching
Sharon j

Saturday, February 10, 2018

new year progress report

well looks like I have not written a blog post for quite awhile.   holidays came and went with some sewing done   I made 18 pillowcases, 6 kitchen towel scarves, and few other things. 
then came end of Dec and Jan  flu bug came to our house.  I had 2 different kinds  not fun still battling and ear problem.  But back to sewing again.

I finished a large queen quilt for a customer  and now it is ready for the quilt machine hopefully yet today.   Quilted a customer large wall hanging and sent it off to her. 

I have been working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.   I have first 5 clues done.  making progress
here are those clues

I needed to find a hand project that I could work on while sitting with a friend while she gets her chemo treatment every Tuesday.  So I am doing 3D bow ties blocks using 5 inch squares.  They are so fun and easy.  I am not a big fan of hand work but I am liking these blocks.  I had 2 charm packs of the same fabric so that is what I am using   not sure what I will make out of them  will determine that later.   

I have been asked to teach a class in Olney IL and this is what I am going to teach   Labyrinth  by Debbie Maddy. this is  a fun and easy quilt  if anyone else would like me to come teach this at their quilt I would be happy to.

Then while at a retreat that I hosted beg of Jan  a friend and I started making log cabin blocks from black and white fabric. We probably have been collecting fabric for 2 years.  Black with white prints and white with black prints.  We both got about 30 blocks made  here are mine laid out  trying to decide how big I want the quilt..
Then this last week I have been cleaning out some sewing stuff and seeing what I could finish.  I found a few of these blocks made and 3 little bins of red, blue and white strips. So Weds at sew day at my house I worked on making more.  I have 30 blocks done  will put them together and donate the quilt to our local National Guard unit. 
Well I think this is long enough and I need to go get busy. I am practicing with a new long arm ruler   then need to get quilt in the machine..    It is sleeting here and cold so good day to stay in sewing room.  

Happy Quilting,
Sharon Jack 

Monday, October 16, 2017

wall hanging progress

Just a quick post.   I finished my corn project.  Probably the quickest project I have done in a long while.   So much fun doing it with a friend which kept us going to finish it so we can use it this year 

now off to long arm quilt for awhile.   quilt group meeting tonight  great group for visiting, learning and working on projects.  It is a small group, but no rules just fun.  tonight is all about binding and learning about the Go cutting machine.

Happy Quilting
Sharon J

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Getting back into sewing


Well I am getting back into sewing had a couple of family medical things in Aug and Sept so didn't do much sewing or quilting.   Loaded a quilt on the long arm today  so will be starting to custom quilt it Monday. 
At one of my quilting groups, last week  at our show and tell someone brought a cute, cute fall wall hanging.  I just had to make it so found the magazine  which was Quilting Quickly. This Weds.  a friend and I were free so we got together and cut out all the pieces  sharing fall/Halloween scraps and pieces and sewed few pieces to see how it was going to look.  Then I needed to leave for a car appointment.  I went to another quilting guild sew day today and I finished the top for this project.
here is a picture.  It will have prairie point on the edge when quilted.

about week and half ago and fellow quilter needed to move into assisted living and her family called  a friend to come and get her stash and requested we use it to make charity quilts .  My Friend  brought it all and I mean all  a car load full to my house  at least 20 bags full.   A Few of us have started going thru it and deciding what could be use for what.  Will make kids quilts, pillowcases, prayer shawl bags, school kit bags  and other things.  I found 4 jack-o-lantern blocks in one of the bags.  I decided needed to make this into a wall hanging. So I found a piece of black in my stash for the background and appliqued the faces onto it and quilted it and finished it.  Didn't know what to do with it and granddaughter saw it and asked if she could hang it in her office ( she works in a service oriented office) she said this would help cheer people up when visiting the office.  I hope it does.  I plan on making her more seasonal/holiday wall hanging to replace this one.

While my husband was recovering from hip replacement surgery in Sept. I did some mindless sewing when I got a chance  I had a container full of larger scraps so I started making these crazy paper pieced blocks( paper piecing is my favorite).  I have 28 blocks done now and the container still has pieces in it but not nearly as many.  I have enough to make 1 kids quilt and start another one.  this is my evening time sewing while watching TV.   Hope over the weekend to make more and maybe empty this container only to fill it up again... 

well I need to go off to bed  with early morning appointment tomorrow and then watch Great Grandson in the afternoon I better rest up. 
I will be back when I have something else to report in the mean time 

Happy Quilting,
Sharon J