Monday, November 28, 2016

getting things done for Xmas

well haven't posted for  a while, been busy quilting for customers to get their quilts done for them to give as gifts One more to go it is a T-shirt quilt to make from scratch..  

I have also made 14 pillowcases for kids,grandkids, nieces, and nephews for Xmas just need to embroider their names on them and will be done.  They look forward to them each year, it is fun to find fabric to match their interests.

Made  a baby quilt and some bibs for new great niece, bibs for great grandson .
I also am making kitchen towels with fabric toppers on them   these are not all done yet, but will be soon.  One apron to make yet.

Just finished this quilt for myself at least the top.  It is called Tavern blues.  took this as a class and didn't want it to be a UFO for next year.

the trees are up but not decorated  but stuff is waiting for me to get in the mood to do it. Granddaughter came over and help get everything out of the storage area and carried to the correct room so that was a big help.  Got a lot of my shopping done while weather was decent.  

well better go get busy on the t-shirt quilt.   see you soon

happy sewing
Sharon J

Saturday, October 1, 2016

last week of Sept progress

well this was the end of Sept so thought I would do an update on my progress.   I got two customer quilts done ready for pickup.
I finished making all the blocks and setting triangles for Bonnie Hunters 2015 mystery quilt yes I am behind.   now need the design wall to put it together but it is full with another quilt .

I fused 20 blocks for a customer quilt made from shirts they are ready to machine applique down with blanket stitch  here is one of them  the background is from docker pants.

then today I decided to play with this crazy patch paper piecing block. I made three blocks  this will use up 3 1/2 inch strips plus some 2 1/2 inch strips.    easy sewing since I just wanted to sew and not do much thinking.  might make a few more tonight not sure yet.

I put a quilt in the longarm today so it is ready to start quilting. 

starting to make my list for Christmas gifts to make   pillowcases for all  kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews.  baby quilt for great niece,  not sure what else yet  must get started  I have a retreat coming up end of Oct  so will be taking some of these items to work on.   

happy sewing 
Sharon J

Friday, September 16, 2016

this weeks progress

this week I got a customer quilt basted for her so she can hand quilt it.   This saves the knees and for older ones  no getting on the floor.. another quilt loaded to quilt  hopefully tomorrow.

I also got all 20 blocks done for my 2015 Bonnie Hunter mystery. Yes I know this is 2016 but it got set aside for other things  and then I started the 2016 one.    this is one of two blocks for the quilt.  I was moving right along with them and had 15 done and then stopped to count to make sure how many more I needed to make and looked at the first 3 that I had done last year and they were different from the 15 I had just made.  So decision was to rip all 15 blocks apart and start over or rip the 3 and remake them to match the 15   well I decided 3 was easier that 15 so  I created a new block for my quilt.    they are all done now and sliver trimmed to correct size.   this feels good to be this far and it is on my UFO list so that is even better.   Now I need to make the other block and pay attention to how it is suppose to go together...   I only have one of them done and I think there are 20 of them too.

here is the correct layout  

here is the one I made  and my sliver trimmings

I also made some tag quilts for Great Grandson and his best little friend  first one if for his BFF second one is his for his house and   the cubs one is for him at have at his  GIG's house.   He loved them right away   

my goal for resat of the year is to get several projects to the flimsey stage.  I have many projects in pieces and parts.   I surveyed another project called woodland clover by Pat Speth from a class few years ago with her.  All the blocks are made and pieced borders are made just needed sashing pieces cut and sewn  so I did that today.  Now this project is ready for the design wall next, as soon as I decided on setting triangle fabric for the one that is on the wall now.   
I feel like I got a lot done this week.  Hope next week will be as productive ... 

Oh I fogot  a friend helped me make a long skirt for my daughter out of the cubs fabric to wear to the game on Sunday.    Don't have a picture of it  but hope to get one with her wearing it soon.

Happy quilting 
Sharon J

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day weekend progress

I had a good holiday weekend for quilting.  I got several things completed or almost done.
I finished my Row by Row 2016 quilt now to decide where to turn it in at  several shops in my area have not had a winner yet and their row is in my quilt will decide today where to take it.

I finished a floor quilt for great grandson  to play on at my house  just need to sew down binding. first pic is the front  and nest one is the back  used all the fabric in the kit  and made it reversible.

finished the last 4 blocks of  the Tavern blues quilt I have been working on this last year.  needed 4 more blocks when I ran out of background fabric  so friend had a piece that was so close to it that I used it and am going to put them in the 4 corners. the quilt is sewn together on point so need the full amount of blocks.  will post a picture when top is done.  hope to put on design wall later today.

I also got the whole yard mowed which about 2 1/2 acres and cut down small trees and lots of weeds in the flower beds  still much more to go  will wait until it cools down again.

well off to see what else I can get done this week.

Happy quilting
Sharon J

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday for me

well I took today for me.   I did 2 row by row patterns.  the first one is done except adding another cow when I get back to quilt shop to get small piece of fabric luckily they had one in their scrap bin.  then will be ready to quilt.   not sure if going to do by itself our put into a quilt.   several shops in my area haven't gotten a winner yet so may try to put quilt together to win...    the second one is pieced background and all the appliques are fused on and ready to sew down....  might get some done tomorrow.  

Happy Stitching
Sharon J

Thursday, July 28, 2016

customer quilt done

just finished quilting this one for a customer. She just picked it up and loved it she does lovely hand embroidery work. I followed the blue dots for the quilting design and sewed on the binding so she can hand stitch it down.

also made another block this morning for my tavern blues quilt  only 5 more blocks to make  then ready for design wall to layout the blocks and decide on sashing and cornerstones  looking forward to seeing this made into a top. 

Happy Stitching
Sharon J

Monday, July 25, 2016

updated picture of the tree quilt

here is a full picture of the family tree quilt.  done and delivered.  they loved it and the Mother cried.