Sunday, October 21, 2018

string block update

I have been trying to empty the bins I showed you last time. Well got down to a few small pieces ..   41 blocks out of the bin.    Well now it is full again I emptied some baggies of scraps into it  and sorted out the too small pieces into a baggie for another project.    So will start again on another project to use them up.  MIL tore off all the paper such a big help.  Now to sew the blocks together hopefully have enough for a twin quilt. 

Happy quilting
Sharon J

Sunday, October 14, 2018

string piecing day

One of my guilds is making twin quilts for a home for teens, so I went thru my tops to see if had any I could finish and donate. I found 2  one was wide enough but needed length  so found in my stash a piece of the fabric that was in the blocks  so put it on both ends  now ready to quilt.   Other one is too small and no fabrics that go with the older prints. It is big enough for a small child's quilt so not putting it away.
Then then started on a small tub of scraps to make string blocks for a twin quilt. Here is the tub before I started.

My Mother-in-Law is staying with since she fell last week and wanted to help do something so she sorted the tub into short  pieces and longer pieces. this really helped.   I made 23  8" string blocks  in a couple of hours. 
Now MIL  can take the paper off and I will sew them together  that should come close to making a twin  if not will add a border. 

Today will be sewing Xmas favors for a sewing group's Xmas party  and then MIL can help with them too.   Nice to have help.   She is also going to up some applique pieces out for me that I have fusible on  so I can finish a customer quilt.
Well better go get sewing.

Happy quilting
Sharon J

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday sewing

 I baked 4 loaves of zucchini bread this morning and put 2 packages in the freezer  did the grocery shopping.  After supper I got some sewing done, I had a zip lock bag of scraps so decided to see how many string blocks I could make out of them.  Guess how many  I got 11  7 1/2 inch blocks and 11  2 1/2 by 8 inch blocks...  just a few very small pieces left  they will go into box with my crazy pineapple blocks.   here is the bag of scraps 

here are the blocks that I got from the bag.
so fun to see what you can get out of scraps.  I have a laundry basket full of scraps. so can many hundreds of blocks..... 

well off to bed 
happy quilting
Sharon J

Saturday, September 8, 2018

sewing today

I have been sewing all afternoon while it is raining outside. I put my On Ringo Lake quilt blocks from Bonnie Hunter 2018 mystery on the design wall so I could start sewing it together. I did half the blocks so making a smaller quilt. I love the colors.  Here is the picture of the blocks on the wall.

Then notice that I am 3 setting blocks short and one sashing block short.  Oh well I started sewing the rows together  and some of the sashing to join few rows.  then quit to make supper  and then made the 3 setting blocks.

While I was sewing the mystery blocks I had pressed the blocks but as I sewed them together I pressed them with the wool pressing mat and what a difference this makes.  Don't know if you can see the difference in the 2 blocks but one one the left was pressed on the wool mat and the one on the right was not.

I decided I was done working on this project for the night. I need to make 1 sashing block but will do it next sewing session.  Won't be sewing tomorrow due to celebrating my younger daughter's 40th birthday, it was on the 2nd and she celebrated on the day by renting a party boat and spent the day with her friend.
We will be cooking steaks and fixings, hope it is done raining by noon.

Then this evening I watched a Hallmark move and sewed on the Garlic Knot blocks from Bonnie Hunter.  I just started them didn't have time to do them when Bonnie and everyone else was working on them but have always wanted to make some.  Well I have cut out 31 block kits and have sewn 9 blocks  they are really cute and easy not doing them as leader and enders but just doing a block at a time.
I had a bag of small pieces and few fat quarters for background hopefully can use these up.  Love scrap blocks. 

It is off to bed so happy quilting
Sharon J

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

more stars

Well the repair of the quilt is done.  It could use a new binding but that will be for a another time.  She needs it back to sleep...  hope to get it back to her this evening.
I made some more stars last night from cupcake #4 from moda. I have 5 more blocks to make then will have 42 star blocks then to decide how to lay them out.
Be careful if you try these, they are additive.  The sewing of the charm squares onto the paper is mindless sewing(or as a friend calls it stupid sewing) doesn't take brain power just sew on the lines..
I think my next evening sew project will be the garlic knots block from Bonnie Hunter to use up some scraps and strips will need to make up some block kits so they are ready to sew. Using the binder clips to hold each block together makes it very easy.

I also make couple placemat bags at the retreat went to couple weeks ago forgot to post a picture. They are so fun and fast and easy. I show a fellow retreater how to make them and she went out and bought some placemats and zippers and made a few too. She cut the placemat in half and made small ones  so cut. 

Happy quilting

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

quilt repair

well yesterday and today is being spent on repairing granddaughter's quilt. It has been well loved.  I made it for her when she was 3 I thing when she went into a big girl bed.  I also made a window valance for her room too.  Well over the years all the yellow fabric in the quilt has deteriorated. So I am appliqueing new yellow squares over them and then will re-quilt it.  most of the quilting is gone too  It was one of the first quilts I quilted  before moving to Sullivan so wasn't the best.  Offered to make her a new one, but she said it would not be the same so what does a Grandma do  repair...    Almost done have about 4 more 9 patches to put yellow fabric on.  I have used varies pieces  some 10"squares from an exchange and other odd pieces.   Told her to start thinking of a new quilt and offered to have her come pick one that I have made the top and I can quilt it. The main reason she likes it is for the very light weight batting that I used. I think it was thermore batting  I have found another light weight very drapable batting that she likes.    well off to finish the repair work.

Happy quilting
Sharon J

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

quilting marathon

well back home from retreat it was great and got a lot done.  we did charity
 sewing/quilting on Monday afternoon and evening this is what we got done.
donating to various organizations.

the rest of the week we worked on our own projects. we played some games and everyone received daily surprises.  great food and snacks.

I have been quilting several quilts this week so far have done 4 small quilts for customers and 1 T-shirt quilt  just need to finish the binding on it and it can be done.
I have been making star blocks from the cupcake papers by Moda  have them all sewn and cut and each block clipped together ready to sew.  I have been sewing them as I watch TV in the evening.  I have 24 blocks done out of 42.  great easy sewing project. I have stepped out of my box and doing a dark background which I rarely do  I usually do light backgrounds 

Tomorrow I am off to visit and stay with a dear friend that has just had her knee replaced last Thursday and help her finish the round table mats you see in the above picture  they need their centers  they need to be done by next week and she is not up to sewing yet so will see how far we get tomorrow. 

I will be back at quilting on Thursday see how far I get with couple more quilts.  one quilt need to wait until I get some more white batting  ordered it on should be here Friday we will see if that happens.  I will get the binding finished on the T-shirt quilt and notify customer that it is done.

Happy quilting and have a great holiday weekend.
Sharon J