Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday progress report

Well Sunday I finished the quilt in the machine and put binding on it so ready to go out the door customer will sew binding done.  Sunday night  I got all the units done for my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt Grand Illusions now I am ready to put the blocks together into a quilt.   I also got 2 blocks of my pineapple crazy quilt which is a Bonnie Hunter pattern  done.  This uses very small scraps  about an inch in width   great place to use the triangles what are from other projects.   Made these while watching the Grammy's.  
Monday  I cleaned up my sewing room and cut some more flannel squares for rag quilts. Started looking at the next customer quilt to see what to quilt on it   Found couple of stencils of snowflakes that will work since this is a Christmas quilt.  Need to make the back and load it into the machine that will be Tuesday's   job.
happy sewing

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