Friday, February 6, 2015

progress report

Here is a progress report of last couple of days.  I have been quilting on a customer's cross stitch quilt creating a design to fit the blocks due to the blue dots that are usually on the blocks are not there.  I have most of it done just need to go back over each block and put few more curly cues in each block.

Our sewing group is making rag quilts to donate to the police department, so enlisted my Mother-in-Law to help us and this is getting her back into sewing.  We are cutting the blocks and batting she is sewing the blocks together then we are sewing blocks together into quilts and then she is doing the cutting of the edges.  We have 3 ready to snip this week.

I have been working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt  Grand Illusions,  I have gotten part of clue 3 and  clue 4 to finish.   Here is pictures of part of clue 4  the green/neutral/black pieces and clue 5.   Hope in another week I can have all the blocks made and ready to put it together.


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