Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's projects report

well today I put a quilt in the machine and am quilting on it, but from my weekend of working outside weeding and mulching 2 flower beds my arms are sore so can work at the machine too long at one time.  So I started putting together the new York beauty blocks for a friend  I have mine done so now getting her's done since she couldn't get the curves.
secret to curve piecing is many pins.

then here is the block sewn.   at least half of it.  needs it other piece on the large curve next. but I am doing all the smaller side first. 

well 10 blocks done and 10 more pinned  for the small curve side.  when I get done my friend will need to put the quilt together..    and so will I need to put my quilt together.
Happy quilting,


  1. Wow, now that's a true friend! Feels good to help someone when they just can't do it themselves. Camie

  2. yes it does feel good to help a quilting friend.