Thursday, May 16, 2013

finishing some projects

well this week has started with trip to hospital for my husband to have biopsy  surgery on Monday and we go back to surgeon on Wednesday for followed  up and hopefully schedule the major surgery.
so today I cleaned some of my sewing room while he is resting. In process of cleaning and putting away things I found couple of projects that were almost done or at least tops done. So I finished a block into a pillow for a friend that I had made a quilt for last year with all of his kids, their spouses, and grandkids name in the stars. I had made a sample block to make sure he liked it and put his name in it . Now it is ready to go to him and out of my room..

then had kaleidoscope  quilt blocks that I had taken a class from Marti Mitchell at Paducah 2 years ago so sewed them together and then got in stash for borders.  I think it looks good. I will quilt it up for my mother-in-law for Christmas  she like blue and yellow and flowers..

now working on a valance for my bedroom to match the new quilt I have made. I have the blocks made and sewn together now making a bottom border for it  then will need to make the header for the rod to go thru.  going to take old one apart and use the lining fabric on the new one. It kept old one from fading and is still good. Not sure what I will do with the old blocks that are perfectly good but the quilt is worn out from using it for 10 years on our bed...
well I need to take down the old to take it apart and ready to do that yet so on to another project.

I got 3 more blocks for the bible studies BOM today.  I cut and sewed them while watching Bonnie Hunter 'Tuesday night.  it is time to call it quits for now...

I have all my spool blocks made from my Edtya Sitar quilt  so next step is to cut plain blocks for inbetween them. 

well that is the update for this week  hope to post next week before husband.s surgery
happy quilting,  Sharon

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