Sunday, February 2, 2014


well I haven't blogged since before Christmas , so will try to post some updates, but for now I will tell you about the retreat I hosted this weekend at my house.   I have 6 quilters  arrive on Friday evening about 4 pm for the weekend.  They bring their projects and supplies and snacks of course.  they set up their machines in my basement and begin to work on their projects  if they get stuck and need help I am here to help them.  We have great company full of laughs and good food.  They sew as late as they want to and get up when they wake up.   comfy clothes. Hubby leaves home and stays with his Mother so no worry about staying in PJ's.    I do the cooking and the cleanup too.    Here is a picture of the group hard at work.     You might want to think about gathering your friends and come sew at my retreat center.   It is for small groups up to 8 people.  

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