Thursday, April 11, 2013

saved by the thread

well I was quilting a customer quilt and watching the thread on the cone disappear. I was hoping I would have enough to finish the last pass on the quilt.  Well I made it just by the luck of the thread..  I couldn't have planned it any closer if I tried......
I have been doing the blocks from called Bible Studies. They put a block out each Monday night late. Each block if for a book in the Bible with a story to go with it. The blocks are 6" finished blocks they are really fun and I can't wait for Monday nights to come.  Several of my quilting buddies are doing them too.  check it out you might like them too. Here are a few of the blocks that I have done.  Trying to use 3 fabrics but have had to add a fourth so far added a medium blue.   We are up to 16 blocks this week.
Today was a sew UFO day at LQS Main Street Quilt Co. in Shelbyville, IL  Kate started a UFO club in January to help us and her to get some UFO's done this year.  We turned in a list of 10 UFO's that we want to get done this year.  Then she set up a UFO sew day on second Thursday of the month is has been so popular she added second Tuesday of the month too.  We can go and work on one of our UFO's  and for $5.00 we get lunch which is always yummy...  I got my BOM block done for her shop and 3 more blocks for the Bible stories also got most of small wall hanging put together with sashing. It is one I started about 4 years ago doing English paper piecing of hearts called mended hearts. I am doing it ot honor all the family members that have had heart surgery in my family.  I just need to make one more block for the quilt which I am going to do on the embroidery machine saying Our family of mended hearts.  I am going to put names and dates of heart surgery on heart blocks . I will post a picture of this when I am done making the top..
well I guess I will go work on some project for the evening..
happy quilting

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